Adrien Kessler

Born in 1965 in Geneva

1980, Start to explore sound with revox and cheap microphones
1981, percussions in a latino local band.
1982, first synthetisers (Korg Ms10-MS20 – SQ10-Roland DR110) bizzard music, descovery of « The Residents ». Two bizzard bands, first concerts.
1986 : Multitrack composing, first « songs »…
1987 : Meets Yves Charmillot, guitar.
1988 : First musics for films (up to 30 now)
1988 : « Jah souis des Olayes », First real band with at start : mister « Al Poubelle », drums-voice, Yves Charmillot : guitar and me synth., then in 1989, i start singing and playing my Yamaha cp70 electric piano (with wich i do my solo now). We played my compositions. Yves Charmillot : Guitar / Gerard Burger : bass / Andreas Valvini : drums. 30 concerts in Europe. lyrical punk cabaret. The obssesive asymetric repetitive grooves start and will never leave us, neither me.
1988 : Start music conservatory to learn to read and write. I study doublebass for 9 years.

1991 – 2000 : Goz of Kermeur : Andreas Valvini : batterie / Yves Charmillot : Guitare / Adrien kessler : Doublebass – Voice. Still my songs, but this band is much more organic and the songs become a detail compared with the energy and the particular shape all this takes. We are three in front.
Goz of Kermeur is explosive, intimate, dangerous, sweet and violent, generous, powerfull and fragile, full of humor but completely naive.
150 concerts through europe, east europe new york and Canada, 3 albums :
Goz of Kermeur (1992)
Irondelles (1993)
Mythoman (1996-97).
Touring with the Young Gods, and Dominique A, and shared the stage with many other famous musicians. Such as John Zorn Masada, Napalm Death, Legendary Pink Dots, Ornette Coleman,
The Ex, New model Army…
1998 The band starts to loose progressively its uncalculated… uncalculation.
Last tour in 2000.
Yves Charmillot dies in september 2001. With him the band.
Best memories to our old friend.

Since 1993 : Ocasionally my solo takes shape.

1994 : Doublebass in « Blurt » (GB) tour in Germany.
Meeting Ted Milton was and is still important for me. I have always been a great fan of Blurt.

1995 : Doublebass-voice in « T.S.T » (le tout sur le tout), a Jacques Demierre’s collective. SylvieCourvoisier, Andreas Valvini, Gergely Süto. A few festivals, 1 CD.
Meeting Jacques Demierre was and is still important for me.

Since 1996 : Collaborations in dance and theatre projects.

2000, A few solo concerts. Sucess every time.
2003, Arsenic theater in Lausanne forces me to work on my solo again. Great sucess, of course not commercial (can anyone help me please).
2005 Now found old happy energy. A band will exist. Will be fine, brutal, obsessive, pop, moving, bloody.
Recording august 2005 – concerts 2006. The name of the band is « darling » the musicians on the album are Vincent Heanni : guitare / Nicolas field : drums / Adrien Kessler : bass voice.